2013 Established the company
2013 Moved in Ulsan technopark Knowledge Technology Business Incubator
2013 Moved in Ulsan technopark technological innovation building
2014 Participated Smart Venture Startups School
2016 Moved in Ulsan Science and Technology Promotion Center
2016 Became a director of Corporation Ulsan Youth CEO Association
2016 Designated to a Venture business Company by the government
2018 Establishmed a R&D Center
2021 Relocation of head office
2021 Confirmation of direct production
2021 Approval of Factory registration


2009 Developed and supplied CDMA street lamp controllers – Ulsan dong-gu
2010 Developed and supplied GSM street lamp controllers – Malaysia
2011 Developed and supplied SMS transmiting system
2015 Development of Smart Service Platform based on Beacon
2017 Patent - Wireless communication device inside manhole
2017 Patent - Server of providing customized service based beacon and method thereof
2018 Patent - Button type beacon and service method using it
2018 Patent - System for managing danger using beacon transmitter and method thereof
2021 Patent - System for remote diagnosing fault of oxygen concentration analyzer and method thereof
2021 KC - Registration of Broadcasting and Communication Equipment
2021 Patent - Method and device for providing worker safety management service based in blockchain